3000 years since the great Lords of the Sand ruled the land with which they created an empire of such vast beauty that no other civilization has yet to compare itself to it, 3000 years since their subjects angered by their cruelty and greed, rose up as one and dethroned the malevolent kings, and 3000 years since the Lords cursed their treacherous subject for their actions. The Lords’ curse held true, for the valleys and plains are now barren and dry, the flowing rivers are nothing more than reminders of what once was as the mud that now covers the shores. But the subjects were strong, they endured, they survived, true their lifestyle now changed to suit the harshness of their new home but survival was the greatest gift their Gods gave unto them. Rumors now travel the wastelands as the scathing wind, speaking of ancient tombs being found that hold treasure, secrets, and doom to those brave enough or fool enough to venture into them. Travelers from the north as well as natives have taken to searching for such wealth, few return and what they bring back is some jewels and tales.

Land of the Shifting Sands